Tel (709) 368-3125 • 355 Main Road, Goulds, NL
Just 15 mins from downtown St. John's
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Local Fish and Seafood

Our seafood department offers a wide assortment of fresh local products (some seasonal). Living close to the ocean definitely has its benefits when you’re talking about seafood. We like to offer and promote fresh local seafood like cod, salmon, halibut, cod tongues, cod cheeks, and mussels. We carry seal flipper and loins year round and retail such dishes as flipper pie, flipper and gravy. There are also many exclusive seal merchandise in our Craft Shop located next to Bidgood’s Cove. We also offer salt fish items such as whole salted cod, salted cod steaks, salt cod bits, salt cod heads, salted cod cellos, salted turbot, salted cod cheeks and tongues. If you would rather a smoked taste we offer smoked salmon, smoked cod, smoke mackerel, smoked and corned capelin. Customers and especially children love visiting our lobster tank located inside the seafood department. The lobster tank is an open faced tank so customers are able to pick out the exact lobster they desire.


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